NOVA Explores Cognitive Science in New Doc Memory Hackers


BOSTON: The latest addition to PBS’s NOVA strand is Memory Hackers, a one-hour documentary that explores the secrets of human memory.

The WGBH Boston production explores the cutting-edge frontiers of cognitive science and molecular biology. Memory Hackers examines how memories are formed, what encompasses the act of remembering and the new technologies being used to implant, edit and even erase memories—a process that could delete our worst fears and, one day, may help us to re-write our past with the flip of a switch. The doc makes its debut on February 10 at 9 p.m. on PBS.

“Memory is hugely important because it helps us understand ourselves and our lives and makes us who we are. But your memory is not as accurate as you think and far more changeable than you know,” said Paula S. Apsell, the senior executive producer for NOVA. “This absorbing new NOVA film looks at one of the biggest mysteries in science and captivates viewers as it looks at stories of the latest breakthroughs in human memory and the implications of manipulating human memory.”