Walking with Dinosaurs Returning to BBC & PBS


BBC and PBS have teamed up for a reimagining of BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs, which first aired 25 years ago.

Each episode of the new six-part series, currently in production and set to premiere in 2025, will tell the story of an individual dinosaur whose remains are currently being unearthed by leading paleontologists. With the latest cutting-edge science, experts can reveal how the prehistoric creatures lived, hunted, fought and died more accurately than ever before.

As the dinosaurs’ bones emerge from the ground, the series will bring their stories to life with visual effects.

Across the episodes, the series will cover a Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur to walk the Earth, in ancient Morocco; a young Triceratops battling a ravenous T. rex in North America; and a lonely giant Lusotitan, looking for love in Portugal, among others.

With 50 new species being identified every year and science continually improving and revealing new details about dinosaur biology and behavior, now was the right time to reimagine the series.

Walking with Dinosaurs is being produced by BBC Studios Science Unit for BBC and PBS, in co-production with ZDF and France Télévisions.

“A whole new generation of viewers is about to fall in love with Walking with Dinosaurs,” said Jack Bootle, head of commissioning for specialist factual at BBC. ”The original series was one of the most exciting factual shows of all time, and this reinvention builds on that amazing legacy. Each episode is underpinned by the very latest science but is also filled with drama, making this a series for both dino lovers and people who just want to be told a great story.”

“Our human fascination with dinosaurs has remained steadfast, and we are excited to bring PBS audiences this reimagined perspective on these dynamic creatures, combining engaging narratives backed by the latest science,” commented Sylvia Bugg, chief programming executive and general manager for general audience programming at PBS. “As production on this series is in early stages, we look forward to sharing more over the coming year through first-look previews and educational resources, giving audiences a deeper understanding of the dinosaurs’ existence.”

Andrew Cohen, head of BBC Studios Science Unit, added, “There is no bigger science series than Walking with Dinosaurs, and we are incredibly excited to be bringing this much-loved brand to a whole new generation of audiences around the world. It’s the ultimate dinosaur show, where you’ll be hiding behind the sofa one moment and having your mind blown the next. The prehistoric world meets premium documentary production, like never before.”