New Cannabis-Focused VOD Channel Launching via OwnZones


Launching this fall through the platform, 420TV is billed as the first premium 4K VOD network dedicated to news, information and entertainment programming surrounding all things cannabis.

420TV is being launched by 420 Entertainment Group, comprised of OwnZones Media Network, the upstart global OTT technology/entertainment hybrid company, along with cannabis entrepreneurs Genesis Media and Alex Nahai Enterprises (ANE). The platform will feature original, multi-episodic series, as well as long- and short-form news, information and entertainment content. All content will be shot in 4K.

The development slate includes Pot Cast, daily news programming chronicling the advent of the legal marijuana industry; Medical Marijuana Miracles, featuring true stories of real people who have used medical marijuana for unique relief of symptoms and diseases; Marijuana Moguls, about the entrepreneurs emerging in the cannabis industry; and Cannabis 411, covering every step from how to grow weed to how to consume it.

Doug Lee, OwnZones’ programming head, will oversee the original programming lineup and manage the day-to-day business of 420TV.

“The nation’s evolving laws, growing interest and changing attitudes have created a multitude of opportunities to educate, entertain and expand public acceptance of cannabis, in all of its various applications,” said Dan Goman, CEO at OwnZones. “As a hybrid technology and entertainment company, OwnZones is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth of the marijuana industry. We have found the ideal partner in Genesis with years of expertise and credibility in the cannabis business and will provide 420TV a real inside perspective in this burgeoning space.”

Alex Nahai, CEO at ANE, added: “This is an industry with many benefits, and we are creating an effective and engaging means for promoting established companies and new brands to consumers. 420TV will provide that connection. The 4K video-on-demand service is just the beginning—we intend to establish 420TV as a franchise brand for multiple lines of related businesses.”