NATPE Spotlight: Gusto TV


The 20-episode revival of Cook Like a Chef is headlining Gusto TV’s slate at NATPE.

A live-to-tape production, the series’ chefs show viewers how to cook instead of what to cook, with proper techniques, tips and tricks. Now available with Spanish dubbing, the flagship global cuisine series One World Kitchen features modern and traditional cooking from nine diverse cuisines. The series is accompanied by 300 short-form videos, original recipes and high-resolution digital artwork.

Also available is the recently wrapped third season of Spencer’s BIG 30, which sees host Spencer Watts cook classic take-out meals. “He does it all in just 30 minutes, for around $30,” says Chris Knight, the president and CEO of Gusto TV. “It’s faster and more entertaining than ordering in.”

“Gusto’s programming is designed for global consumption, and these shows are proof of concept,” adds Knight.