Gusto TV Returns to Canada on Samsung TV Plus


Gusto TV, in partnership with Samsung TV Plus, has brought its culinary channel back to Canada after a two-and-a-half-year absence.

“We’re pumped that Gusto TV is coming home to the Canadian audiences that helped launch us back in 2013,” said Chris Knight, president and CEO of Gusto Worldwide Media. “We’ve been busy building Gusto TV into a global brand celebrating cultural diversity, family and great food. It’s good to be home again!”

While Gusto TV is currently available in Canada on Samsung TV Plus, this launch will be followed by a rollout on multiple Gusto TV streaming platform partners throughout the summer and fall.

Gusto TV, which produced all of its content in-house, is now seen on 40 platforms in 160 countries. It has content available in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Knight said: “We’re very proud that everything seen on Gusto is made in Canada by Canadians. Our production values and storytelling are second to none, thanks to our exceptional Canadian crews and colleagues.”