Mobius.Lab Ties Up with Boat Rocker Rights


TORONTO/MIAMI: Cisneros Media Distribution’s Mobius.Lab Productions has inked a long-term co-production and global distribution deal with Boat Rocker Rights.

Mobius.Lab Productions is collaborating with Boat Rocker to co-produce and be the exclusive distributor of ten programs for all English-speaking markets around the world. Cisneros Media Distribution will handle the Latin American Spanish-language distribution rights for the new productions.

Mobius.Lab Productions and Boat Rocker Rights will develop and co-produce ten 13-episode series in English and Spanish that will span such genres as paranormal, crime and history, nature and wildlife, and popular science and technology, among others. Boat Rocker will also distribute Mobius.Lab Productions’ existing programs, including The Rise of Terrorism, Super Genius, XRC: Extreme Reality Clips and Flame of Passion.

“This agreement with Boat Rocker provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our capability to develop and create new content and formats while diversifying Mobius.Lab Productions’ existing library of innovative programming,” said Marcello Coltro, the executive VP of content distribution at Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD). “With Boat Rocker on board, we will have access and insight into international markets and the ability to assess the programming trends of our global clients.

“As one of the fastest-growing entertainment content producers and distributors in the industry, Boat Rocker’s experienced management team, robust infrastructure and market expertise will ensure the placement of our programming before audiences around the globe, solidifying Mobius.Lab Productions’ emerging role as a trendsetter and a leader in multiplatform production.”

“Cisneros Media has introduced an exciting new business model by efficiently producing content using the extraordinary, high-quality imagery from Getty Images’ library, and together we will co-develop new globally accessible programs that address the multiplatform needs of our clients,” added Jon Rutherford, the president of Boat Rocker Rights. “We are proud to partner with CMD and the talented creative team at Mobius.Lab Productions, and look forward to representing both their existing properties and our future collaborations.”