MIPTV Spotlight: Terra Mater Factual Studios


The 4K documentary Sex, Lies and Butterflies, on offer from Terra Mater Factual Studios, follows moths, butterflies and caterpillars across the globe in different stages of development to see how they manage to survive in a world where nearly everything tries to eat them.

Terra Mater Factual Studios is showcasing that title as well as SuperPigs and Wild Korea. SuperPigs exposes viewers to some of the nearly 2 billion pigs that inhabit the planet, from the Bahamas to Siberia. Wild Korea, meanwhile, is a two-part, 4K docuseries that takes viewers along to experience wildlife, natural beauty and everyday life in Korea.

Sabine Holzer, the head of specialist factual at the company, says, “With these films, we travel all around the globe. Pigs in the Indonesian jungles? Diving deep into Korean waters? The most ingenious tricks of butterflies to avoid becoming prey? We’ve got it all.”

She adds, “We believe nature is something to marvel at, and this is portrayed in detail and with a lot of devotion in all our documentaries.”