MIPTV Spotlight: NHK Enterprises


The new documentary series Frontiers is on offer from NHK Enterprises.

Two 50-minute episodes have been completed so far. “The all-new documentary series takes a deep, intellectual dive into the mesmerizing world of cutting-edge science, space, history, art and more,” says Shin Yasuda, senior producer for international co-production in the content value development center.

“How Smart is AI?” explores the projects that are popping up all over the world to build the ultimate artificial intelligence. The program engages a generative AI robot in conversation. “Beyond all the mind-boggling technology is a glimpse into the surprising nature of human intelligence,” notes Yasuda.

“The Discovery of Opal on Mars” analyzes the significance of NASA’s 2022 finding of an opal on the planet, which suggests new findings on the presence of water there.

“Takashi Murakami: Always Chasing a Dream” is set to be completed soon, while the company is looking for co-producers for further episodes.