MIPCOM Spotlight: NHK Enterprises


NHK Enterprises (NEP) is highlighting the documentary film Young Carers: A Silent Cry for Help, which was made over the course of two years exploring the lives of children who serve as carers for family members.

“It shows in great detail how they struggle alone without being able to confide in anyone, and it gives an extremely detailed picture of the severe impact on their school life and career,” says Yukari Harada, senior producer. “The biggest appeal of this documentary is that the story goes beyond just documenting the hidden hard lives of young carers.”

Among those featured in the doc are a high school student caring for his mother, who has cerebral palsy, and a man in his 40s who spent three decades taking care of his mother.

Harada adds, “NHK and NEP are also making lots of other appealing programs about Japan’s rich cultural and natural environments and the lives of people who live there.”