MIPTV Spotlight: NHK Enterprises


The NHK Enterprises slate features the one-off documentary Not Yet There, following a year in the life of renowned chef Ishihara Hitoshi, who works at the Michelin-starred Mizai kaiseki restaurant.

“He continuously hones his art, inspired by the Zen Buddhist notion that one must never stop training in pursuit of the elusive goal of perfection,” says Seiichi Shinno, senior producer in the global content development division. “At Ishihara’s restaurant, the cuisine and the artistry with which it’s presented embody Japan’s time-honored culinary culture.”

ISSEY MIYAKE: The Human Inside the Clothes provides a look at the life of clothing designer Issey Miyake, who died last year. The documentary sheds light on his feelings about the bombing of his hometown of Hiroshima and how he created the designs that gained him international recognition.

“NHK Enterprises is proud to highlight Japanese beauty and traditions with these documentaries,” Shinno says.