MIPTV Spotlight: Escapade Media


CANNES: This MIPTV sees the launch of Escapade Media’s first series co-production with Showrunner Productions, Status: Vacant, shot in 4K.

The series recounts the historical, political, cultural and personal stories behind the abandonment of various locations. “A solemn yet beautiful story unfolds within each episode,” says Natalie Lawley, Escapade’s managing director.

Further highlights include Steve Backshall and the Vertical Mile, in which the titular adventurer embarks on the climb of his life, and the second season of Wimp 2 Warrior, which Lawley says “is designed to give ordinary people the opportunity to reach unfathomable goals, challenging both physical and mental capabilities through training to be a warrior.”

Lawley adds: “Escapade’s development slate has made significant progress over the past six months.”