Escapade Media Takes on Whisky Trails


Escapade Media has picked up the worldwide rights to Britestar Productions’ new travel and lifestyle series Whisky Trails, hosted by Luke McKenzie.

The ten-part series explores the changing world of whisky, as McKenzie follows a trail from the New World whiskies of Australia, Japan, India and the U.S. back to the Old World whiskies of Ireland and Scotland.

“This show is one to savor,” said Nic Butler, producer. “Informative, funny and full of adventure. Our host Luke, being both knowledgeable and engaging, takes us on a journey to remember.”

“I am desperately excited by the opportunity to bring Whisky Trails to the world alongside Britestar Productions and our partners at Escapade Media,” McKenzie said. “Just as whisky breaks into new markets and demographics around the world, I feel we have the creative and strategic team in place to deliver an exceptional and accessible show filled with all the joy, curiosity and adventure a global audience can handle.”

Natalie Lawley, managing director of Escapade Media, added,  “Whisky Trails is a truly global series, about one of the most consumed drinks in the world. It offers a very engaging insight into whisky, both new and old, combined with travel, culture and a lot of entertainment.”