Planet Fungi, Escapade Media Launch Follow the Rain


Planet Fungi and distributor Escapade Media have united for the global rollout of Follow the Rain, a new documentary that delves into fungi.

Fungi hunters Stephen Axford and Catherine Marciniak traverse Australia to find out how fungi fit into the world of living things and how they protect humans against the impacts of climate change. The pair also grants exclusive access to their fungarium, sharing the discoveries they capture in time-lapses.

Natalie Lawley, managing director at Escapade Media, stated: “Escapade is thrilled to have secured worldwide rights for Follow the Rain. Catherine and Stephen’s film is exquisite and includes some of the most incredible natural history footage I have ever seen. The interest in fungi is worldwide and growing every day.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Natalie Lawley and Escapade Media in launching our documentary globally,” said Marciniak. “A decade in the making, it’s a labor of love that finds a perfect advocate in Escapade, renowned for championing authentic narratives about our natural world.”