MIPCOM Spotlight: Bomanbridge Media


The series Paul Goes to Hollywood, which Bomanbridge Media has on offer, takes viewers on a road trip across the U.S. with Paul Hollywood as he visits culinary locations inspired by some of the most iconic films.

“Paul Hollywood is hugely popular, and this approach of incorporating cult films gives a nice twist for film fans and foodies,” says Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge Media.

Another major production from Bomanbridge Media sees Ash Dykes fronts the action in Into the Heart of China: Walking the Yangtze, in which he attempts to walk the entire length of the Yangtze river by foot. “We are open to both deficit-financing and co-production roles, as was the case with Paul Goes to Hollywood and Walking the Yangtze,” says Fleck. “We urge producers to reach out to us as the further investment from Bomanbridge is there and we are ready to put it into solid project ideas.”

On the kids front, Human Nature is an educational show for children that sees representatives of the animal kingdom convey values and lessons to kids.