Adventurer Ash Dykes Fronts Bomanbridge Media’s Latest Co-Pro


Bomanbridge Media has partnered with Mandarin Film on Into the Heart of China: Walking the Yangtze, which will follow extreme British adventurer Ash Dykes as he attempts to walk the length of Asia’s longest river.

Dykes will make the journey over the period of one year. The 6×30-minute series will document the trek, which Dykes will take by foot, in a potential world-first expedition. Filming began in late summer, and delivery is expected in Q4 2019. Bomanbridge is handling global distribution for the project.

“Bomanbridge is tremendously excited about this new project, Into the Heart of China: Walking the Yangtze, as we feel it is an authentic adventure that crosses all cultural lines,” said Sonia Fleck, the CEO of Bomanbridge Media. “The global appeal is obvious. We are currently looking for further key co-production partners to share with us in this world record-breaking, riveting editorial and that rare chance to be part of an ‘historical first.’ Our production partner, Mandarin Film, are putting a lot of creative work into the filming of this complex project. Access to the Chinese landscape is always tricky and having partners like Mandarin Films is fantastic.”

Patrick Carr, executive producer on the project and CEO of Mandarin Film, added, “We believe that this adventure is one of history’s few last great adventures yet to be taken on. Ash has risen to the challenge, learning Chinese, preparing physically and mentally and undergoing technical training looking to take us with him every step of the way for the times when we don’t have a camera crew with him. We plan to make this project one of the most multi-media and interactive expeditions ever, appealing to a Chinese and international audience alike. Following in the footsteps of great modern explorers like Leveson Wood and Ed Stafford, Ash Dykes is at the forefront of the new younger generation of adventurers making their mark on world firsts. China is a beautiful, varied and friendly place with surprises around every bend and new cultures and traditions in every region. We look forward to you joining us for this journey ‘Into the Heart of China!’”