Great Pacific Media Preps If: Imagine the Impossible Series


Great Pacific Media (GPM), a division of Thunderbird Entertainment Group, has partnered with director, writer and producer Brad Peyton and physicist Michio Kaku for the new series If: Imagine the Impossible.

The futuristic drama-doc series is based on Underknown’s social media science program What If. Peyton will serve as director and executive producer of If: Imagine the Impossible and will be responsible for bringing to life the hypothetical scenarios the series will explore.

Kaku, a co-founder of string field theory, will serve as the narrator and on-screen expert on the series. Behind the camera, he will serve as its lead science consultant.

David Way, president of GPM, said: “In collaboration with the producers at Underknown, we are thrilled to partner with the talented Brad Peyton and inspiring Michio Kaku and work alongside this group of visionaries on a new drama-doc series. The production, which will be centered on seemingly impossible questions, epic journeys and unbridled curiosity, is a true reflection of GPM and our unwavering commitment to creating a vibrant, fresh factual-entertainment series.”

Peyton said: “Designing stunning new worlds is a true passion of mine. I can’t wait to create the wild alternative reality scenarios of If: Imagine the Impossible in an exciting drama-doc format that combines fact and fiction and inspires awe and wonder!”

Kaku added: “Every great discovery begins with a simple question: what if? This series brings to life seemingly impossible and exciting questions and explores our world in ways never imagined.”

Steve Hulford, co-founder and CEO of Underknown, commented: “What If has been an incredible journey, and the engagement we’ve had with fans across the world has surpassed all expectations. GPM has assembled an amazing team to take What If to a new level. We know audiences are going to love it!”