GRB Entertainment Places Crime & Nature Titles in Europe & Asia


SHERMAN OAKS: GRB Entertainment has secured sales in Europe and Malaysia for crime and nature content, including Hostage: Do or Die.

For German-speaking Europe, N24 picked up the crime titles Chain Gang: Maricopa County, County Jail and Hostage: Do or Die. Chain Gang: Maricopa County follows 15 men in prison who are part of the Chain Gang. County Jail visits some of the toughest jails in the U.S., while Hostage: Do or Die sees hostage survivors and negotiators retell their plight. N24 also went for the nature documentary Monster Bug Wars.

Cheers Media in Malaysia acquired two seasons of Full Force Nature, featuring natural disasters like hurricanes and avalanches. Cheers Media also picked up a ten-title package that looks at unexplored aspects of nature such as underwater encounters and brutal animal attacks.

“We have over 130 hours of nature and wildlife programming in our catalog and we are so pleased to bring the Nature’s Revenge package, which includes Monster Bug Wars, to audiences in both Europe and Malaysia,” said Michael Lolato, the senior VP of international distribution at GRB Entertainment. “Crime programming also continues to be a best seller around the world and we’re thrilled to offer three of our top series to German-speaking Europe.”