NATPE Budapest International Spotlight: GRB Entertainment


A new documentary about disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein is among GRB Entertainment’s highlights.

Beyond Boundaries: The Harvey Weinstein Scandal “is an in-depth look into the sexual harassment claims against Weinstein and explores the dark underside of the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle,” says Melanie Torres, the director of international sales. “With the #MeToo movement in full swing, audiences around the world want to hear from the victims of these tragic abuses of power.”

The company is also focusing on Tech Toys 360, which introduces viewers to the most cutting-edge technologies, cars and gadgets. Man at Arms: Art of War, hosted by Danny Trejo, “is a fun and fresh way to learn some history,” as the series “recreates famous weapons of war from iconic films and gives a brief history lesson about the weapons,” says Torres.

She adds, “We want to continue to provide our global partners with top-of-the-line programming in all genres and build new relationships.”