Gedeon Media Group Reorganizes


French nonfiction producer Gedeon Media Group has reorganized its management to better deal with its expanding development slate.

Emmanuelle Jouanole has been appointed managing director of the group but will also continue as managing director of Terranoa, the group’s distribution subsidiary. Agatha Cazcarra has been tapped as group finance director.

The management committee also includes Fabienne Renoux, group legal and human resources director; Agnès Garaudel, director of Gedeon Experiences (museography, immersive exhibitions, VR experiences) and in charge of the diversification of the group; Carine Nonnenmacher, director of the documentary production company Docland Yard; Jean-Pierre Bailly, director of film activities within the MC4 company; and Isabelle Graziadey, VP and associate partner of Terranoa.

Stéphane Millière, chairman, announced the new organization, which will enable the group to assume significant growth in all of its markets, seek synergies between its various entities and pursue international development through active partnerships and co-productions.