Filming Begins on Planet of Treasures Docuseries


Shooting has begun in Vietnam on the new documentary series Planet of Treasures (working title) featuring historian Sir Christopher Clark, which ZDF Enterprises is distributing globally.

Planet of Treasures was commissioned by ZDF and is an interscience film production. ZDF expects to broadcast the series in 2019 during the Terra X time slot on Sunday evenings at 7:30 p.m. In the series, Clark visits attractions that have the “UNESCO World Heritage Site” designation. Gero von Boehm of interscience film serves as writer and director. UNESCO, the cultural organization of the United Nations, has been bestowing the title “World Heritage” to any site that is globally significant.

Clark will explore the Cambodian temple city of Angkor Wat, the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canyon in the U.S., among other wonders. The first season features major sights in China, India and Southeast Asia. The second season introduces viewers to treasures found on the American continent.

Ralf Rückauer, the VP of ZDFE.unscripted at ZDF Enterprises, commented, “We are really pleased that we can now offer our customers another exceptional documentary series with Sir Christopher Clark in addition to the The Story of Europe.”