DocuBox Presents the World’s Mysteries & Beauty

Berk Uziyel, executive director of SPI International/FilmBox, talks to TV Real about the thematic factual channel DocuBox.

One of several thematic channels in the SPI International/FilmBox portfolio, DocuBox offers a variety of documentaries and series providing viewers a window to the mysteries and beauty of Earth.

“Docubox is targeting audiences keen to learn about world culture,” says Berk Uziyel, executive director of SPI International/FilmBox. It is committed to offering “educational values while being an entertainment source for the whole family.”

The 24/7 HD channel, which launched in 2011, spans such genres as nature, wildlife, people and culture, biography, science and environment, history, travel and current affairs. It features more than 1,100 hours of programming from leading producers and distributors around the globe, with the majority hailing from Europe (35 percent), followed by Asia (25 percent), ***Image***Latin America (15 percent), Canada (10 percent) and the U.S. (5 percent). The remaining 10 percent is mixed.

DocuBox is available on a number of platforms, including DTH, cable, IPTV, DTT, smart TVs, VOD and mobiles devices. The channel can be accessed in territories throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America, with local versions in such languages as English, Polish, Russian, Romanian and French.

One of DocuBox’s most successful documentaries is Africa: The Serengeti, in which Academy Award-nominated actor James Earl Jones narrates the migration of animals across the continent’s titular region. Also a hit is Greenpeace, The Story, centered on the environmental organization that was founded in the 1970s. Other popular titles include Research Today, Animal Strategies ***Image***and Humanima, to name a few. All of the channel’s content is acquired from third-party sources.

“DocuBox lets viewers enjoy a diverse selection of documentaries and shows covering a really wide range of subjects related to our planet and our civilization,” says Uziyel. There’s family-friendly programming for audiences aged 7 and up during the day, and older-skewing content for ages 17 and above during prime time and late-night slots.

According to Uziyel, DocuBox is currently on the lookout for more younger-skewing programming in the areas of science and wildlife. He also expresses a desire for additional science-, adventure-, culture- and travel-themed productions aimed at the 17-plus demographic.

“We are receiving very encouraging reviews from our subs that DocuBox is something they are enjoying very much in today’s TV offering,” adds Uziyel. “DocuBox has a platform for small producers to [present] their shows and films that can be appreciated by a dedicated audience. That is what we want to keep [doing as we] continue to deliver the same channel to an educated audience hungry for good programming that can be informative, elegant and entertaining.”