Escapade to Take New DEVO Doc Global


Escapade Media has secured worldwide rights for Side B Films and Dead Heart Films new documentary Devolution: A DEVO Theory.

The film delves back to the birth of the “de-evolution” theory of the band DEVO. In the late 1970s, these University students held deep concern for where the world was heading. They saw that the world was on a downward spiral; that society was no longer evolving, what we were experiencing was in fact de-evolution. Over 40 years later, the new doc asks, were DEVO right?

This official factual special shares intimate insights from DEVO themselves as they launch their music video memorial to 40 years of human decay, Beautiful World 2.

DEVO states: “With the alternate reality nightmare we are experiencing due to the current pandemic, climate crisis featuring a planet on fire, the retreat of reason in favor of illegitimate authority and Western culture in decline is there any doubt that De-evolution is real? I think not! The truth is in your face.”

Dom Giorgi commented: “DEVO’s music is iconic. Their message is real. They will continue to inspire a new generation.”

Adrian Faure said: “Producing this was an eerie process. Going through the archive vision it was clear that what DEVO said in the 1980s was the same as what they’re saying now and unfortunately, they seem so alarmingly accurate at the moment: We’re all DEVO!”