Escapade Secures Partners for Upcoming Series Outcome Unknown


SYDNEY: Escapade Media has entered into a partnership with the Garvan Institute, Freehand Productions and The Content.Company for Outcome Unknown (The Revolution of Reimagining and Redesigning Life), a title that is currently in development.

Outcome Unknown (The Revolution of Reimagining and Redesigning Life) will explore the wonder of the new genetic science. The project will delve into how the new genetic science will impact our lives in ways that we are only now beginning to see.

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is at the forefront of genetic research that seeks to change the direction of medicine and science to enhance human health. The team working on Outcome Unknown also includes geneticists Dr. Jenn Gardy and Dr. Edwin Kirk, Dr. Sam Prince, as well as international TV producers Peter Abbott and John Gregory of Freehand, and The Content.Company.