Escapade Media Acquires Global Rights for The Tharus Evolution


Escapade Media has secured the worldwide distribution rights for The Tharus Evolution, a brand-new documentary about one of the oldest indigenous groups in the world.

The Tharu people originated from the area around the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, which was well suited for harvesting. Most of the Tharu people live in poverty, with it being nearly impossible for them to climb up the economic ladder due to their cast and the culture of Nepal. They also face the dangers posed by the wildlife with whom they share their land. The Tharus Evolution offers insight into this little-known society, exploring their culture and how they are striving to evolve while holding true to their indigenous history.

Director Alexandre Montalto said: “I am thrilled to be distributed by Escapade Media. I couldn’t have met a better team to understand the crucial issues tackled by this documentary. My goal is to spread the message across the world about the Tharus with an authentic voice from this community. What we might think as necessary actions to protect the environment may quickly turn into a deadly trap for poorer communities halfway across the globe.”

Escapade Media’s Anthony Mrsnik added: “Alex is a talented young director and documentary producer who, through his authentic approach, has been able to capture the hopes and dreams, and the beauty and danger, of this truly remarkable group of people and the land and environment they are part of.”