Discovery Unveils Fisher Stevens & Ross Kauffman Doc on Tigers


During Discovery’s annual reception at the Sundance Film Festival, the network introduced the upcoming documentary Taken by the Tiger (working title), with Academy Award winners Fisher Stevens on board to produce and Ross Kauffman set to direct.

Taken by the Tiger will be produced by RadicalMedia and is tied to Discovery’s Project C.A.T. initiative, part of a global effort to double the population of tigers living in the wild by 2022. Filming for the feature-length documentary will span remote areas in Asia where tigers still roam freely. The filming crew will showcase the big cats and the individuals who work to save these tigers from extinction.

“Telling the most important stories about our natural world and what we can do to protect it is core to who Discovery is as a purpose-driven company,” said David Zaslav, the president and chief executive of Discovery Communications. “We are proud to showcase this important documentary, work with these passionate filmmakers and continue our commitment to preserve wild tigers for future generations through Project C.A.T.”

“With Fisher, Ross, and RadicalMedia on the front lines telling the stories of the heroic efforts to save the rapidly deteriorating populations of these magnificent animals, Discovery will once again highlight important issues for audiences around the world,” stated Rich Ross, the group president of Discovery Channel and Science Channel, who announced the upcoming documentary.

“Our fascination with these mythic, even god-like, creatures is primal,” Stevens remarked. “A century ago, over 100,000 wild tigers roamed Asia, but today fewer than 4,000 live in the wild. Many of the same behaviors that are damaging our planet have brought these tigers to the brink of extinction. It’s our fault and our responsibility, and that is why we’re making this film.”

“Man’s connection with the tiger is 1 percent scientific and 99 percent spiritual,” added Kauffman. “Our film will tell the story of man’s duality—on the one side, the childlike innocence we feel when we behold a tiger in the wild, and on the other side, the collective guilt we all bear for extinguishing that species’ existence.”

In addition, Sundance Institute and Discovery presented the third annual Sundance Institute Discovery Impact Fellowship to Kahlil Hudson and Alex Jablonski at the reception. “These talented filmmakers are telling the stories of real people and their communities as they grapple with the evolving environment,” said Ross. “Discovery and our friends at the Sundance Institute are eager to see what new projects they will present through their distinctive lenses.”

“Discovery and Sundance Institute are leaders in presenting stories to audiences around the world,” commented Hudson and Jablonski. “We are honored for their acknowledgment of our past body of work as storytellers and are thrilled to use the fellowship to fuel our work to come.”