Discovery to Give Morgan Spurlock Doc Rats a U.S. Debut


CANNES: Discovery Channel has acquired the U.S. TV rights for Morgan Spurlock’s feature documentary Rats, based on Robert Sullivan’s New York Times best-selling book.

The film is slated for completion in the fourth quarter. Rats is a Warrior Poets Production in association with Discovery Channel, Dakota Group and Submarine. It is directed and produced by Spurlock, written and produced by Jeremy Chilnick and executive produced by Stanley Buchthal, David Koh, Josh Braun and Dan Braun.

Spurlock said: “I’m so excited to begin production on this movie. We’re going to take audiences to places they’ve never been and to experience Rats in a way they never imagined! It’s going to be dark, strange and incredible.”

Buchthal, Koh, Josh Braun and Dan Braun commented, “We are excited to take this ride with Morgan into a world seldom seen. Robert Sullivan’s amazing book will make an even more incredibly visual film that will scare, shock and surprise audiences around the world. We couldn’t think of a greater subject to make a movie about and a greater director to make the movie than Morgan Spurlock.”

“Morgan and his team have found a community of critters very few people have covered: Rats,” added John Hoffman, the executive VP of documentaries and specials at Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel. “Their creative vision on this project is something not to be missed.”