Discovery to Celebrate 60 Years of NASA


SILVER SPRING: The Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Rory Kennedy is behind the upcoming Discovery Channel doc feature NASA: 60 Years and Beyond, which will celebrate six decades of work from the historic institution.

Set to air on Discovery in 2018, the feature will shine a light on NASA and the role it has to play moving forward into the coming decades. Kennedy (Last Days of Vietnam) serves as director and producer, taking her cameras behind the scenes of the world’s greatest space agency, filming next-generation space telescopes, prototypes of Mars-bound spacecraft and cutting-edge missions to better understand Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond.

“Discovery’s core values of curiosity and exploration leap off the screen in NASA: 60 Years and Beyond,” said Rich Ross, the group president of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Science Channel and Velocity. “Rory has assembled a wealth of stories about the organization that takes us to extraordinary places: from the ice caps of Antarctica and the coral reefs of Hawaii to the surface of Mars, the search for exoplanets, and even back in time to the Big Bang.”

Kennedy added, “I’ve always admired the pioneering work done by NASA over its first six decades. From President Kennedy’s bold challenge that led to the first moonwalk through to the launch of the game-changing Hubble Telescope and the global collaboration required to create the International Space Station. As we move into a new era of research and exploration, NASA’s extraordinary wealth of intelligence and limitless curiosity will fuel its work to better understand our Earth and the universe.”