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CuriosityStream Preps Diverse Factual Slate for 2021


CuriosityStream has unveiled a look at key original titles in production for 2021, marking the largest annual investment in original programming and the production of more original hours of programming than ever in the company’s history.

The new releases add to CuriosityStream’s extensive library of films and series that dive into nature, history, science, travel and every other category of the factual genre. A number of additional originals are slated to premiere throughout the year. The slate includes feature-length documentary films, series and specials, covering eco-engineering, environmental consequences, why we eat what we eat, the untold story of Wall Street, animal rescue efforts and more.

Among the titles in store for CuriosityStream viewers in 2021 is Rescued Chimpanzees of the Congo with Jane Goodall, which goes behind the scenes with the iconic Jane Goodall over the course of six episodes. It features exclusive new interviews and never-before-seen footage spanning three decades. There’s also the Lone Wolf Media-produced Doug to the Rescue, which sees drone pilot Doug Thron offer aid in the aftermath of natural disasters. In Off the Fence’s Ancient Engineering, each episode explores how engineers have been breaking new ground and defying the laws of physics for thousands of years.

Produced by Stephen David Entertainment, The History of Wall Street dramatizes the men, the rivalries and the innovations that made America a global empire and dominate modern life. Season three of 4th and Forever: Alcoa joins football powerhouse Alcoa High School in East Tennessee for the pursuit of a 19th state championship. In season two of Engineering the Future, the green machines that could revolutionize life as we know it are explored. The documentary Going Circular crisscrosses the globe to explore how circularity is poised to revolutionize the modern world—telling the story of how six lives are inextricably linked by an economic system that eliminates waste and saves resources.

The three-parter Beyond the Spotlight follows the intriguing people who capture our attention, fill our social feeds and shape pop culture, with the next episodes of the biography series tackling conversations that happen out of the spotlight when people share what truly inspires them. Royals in Color explores royalties’ survival strategies through the ages in rare and never-before-seen archives, colorized for the first time using WMR’s legendary techniques. Heval chronicles Hollywood actor Michael Enright’s decision to join the fight against the Islamic State in Syria.

Eat me (Or Try Not To) is a quirky six-part series that unwraps the evolution of the foods we turn to the most. Each episode explores the untold stories and the people behind the most iconic brands, the science that keeps us craving more and where our favorite foods are headed. Humboldt Current explores the biodiversity of South America’s western coast.

Clint Stinchcomb, CEO of CuriosityStream, said: “[This] announcement is merely the beginning of what promises to be the best year yet for our viewers. We continue to prioritize investment in the distinctive, premium original programming that defines CuriosityStream, and there is no better place to enjoy the breadth and depth of engaging and insightful content, regardless of your interests.”

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