Beyond’s Mind Games Debuts on Prime Video


Mind Games—The Experiment, from Banijay’s Beyond Productions in partnership with ASICS, has debuted globally on Prime Video.

Narrated by Stephen Fry, the documentary captures an international groundbreaking study that follows sedentary and physically inactive gamers from across the world to see if exercise can take their game to the next level by improving cognitive function and mental performance.

Mind Games follows the journeys of Kassa Korley, Ryoei Hirano, Ben Pridmore and Sherry Nhan, who specialize in chess, mahjong, memory and esports, as they compete in professional tournaments around the world. Results from a further 70 gamers from 20 countries are also included.

The feature documentary was commissioned by international sportswear brand ASICS, which made the commercial decision to create an editorially driven, unbranded film.

Hamo Forsyth, creative director of factual at Beyond Productions, said, “Our work with ASICS, which is basically unbranded branded content, is the next iteration of commercially supported content and a truly authentic way to reach and engage with a wide range of viewers, not just those who are already consumers of the brand.

“This film subtly plays to ASICS’ brand philosophy and core values (ASICS itself being an acronym for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano) while being produced with the same editorial integrity and guidelines as any other documentary made in the U.K. Prime Video now has an interesting new science documentary which its viewers will discover on the Prime Video service in the same way that they would the latest movie or series. As IP owners, ASICS has both a powerful piece of research and beautifully produced content to raise its profile in a meaningful way and use in wider brand marketing activity; and we have created a feature documentary that we are very proud of and have been able to tell a fascinating story that would not have been told if it were not for ASICS’ involvement.

“With demand for content growing all the time and funding continuing to be a challenge, this model of working more closely with well-resourced brands seeking new ways to engage with consumers could prove a natural win-win for streamers, brands, producers and audiences.”