Anchor Teams with Blumhouse for Look into my Eyes


Anchor Entertainment has partnered with Blumhouse Television for the limited series Look into my Eyes, with Brent Hodge (Pharma Bro, I am Chris Farley) attached to direct.

The four-part series, set to premiere on SundanceTV and AMC+ on May 4, tells the story of Dr. George Kenney and his fall from grace after ten years as a beloved principal at North Port High School in Florida, where he practiced hypnosis on students. When three teenage students died in 2011 after suspicious events, a local media story exploded into global news.

Executive producers for the series are Jason Blum, Chris McCumber and Jeremy Gold for Blumhouse Television; Ethan Goldman, Keayr Braxton and Brent Hodge for Anchor Entertainment; James Buddy Day; Mary Lisio; Eric Cook; and Vince Dale.

Ethan Goldman, founder and CEO of Anchor Entertainment, said: “I’ve seen a number of wild stories over the course of my 20-year career, but nothing even remotely as crazy as this. The tale we unravel with a high school principal hypnotizing his students and the tragedy that ensues is the ultimate ‘stranger-than-fiction’ story. There were no better partners than director Brent Hodge and the brilliant minds at Blumhouse to help Anchor bring this story to the world.”