BBC Three Orders 7 Wonder Doc About Obesity


LONDON: BBC Three has commissioned 7 Wonder to produce the documentary film Obesity: The Post Mortem, about the impact excess fat has on the human body.

The hour-long 7 Wonder documentary sees pathologist Dr. Mike Osborn and assistant pathology technician Carla Valentine perform a televised autopsy on an obese female donor to examine what fat does to our organs. Viewers will follow the 5,000-mile journey of the donor, from California, where her body was first donated, to the post-mortem table in London. In addition, a cast of young contributors will reveal how biology, psychology and food have contributed to making them overweight, and what it means to live with the daily reality of obesity.

Morbid obesity reduces life expectancy by an average of nine years and is blamed for more than 30,000 deaths every year in the U.K. Nearly three quarters of British adults are projected to be overweight or obese in less than 20 years.

Damian Kavanagh, controller at BBC Three, said, “Obesity and body image are two issues we know resonate with young people, but the debate is often framed by what’s on the outside. Post Mortem dissects what’s happening to our bodies on the inside in unflinching detail.”

Steve Condie, executive producer at 7 Wonder, added, “It isn’t easy getting people to face up to the severity of a health crisis such as the obesity epidemic. Sometimes you need a dramatic spectacle to grab people’s attention. Obesity: The Post Mortem is a unique program, an extraordinary visual experience packed with compelling insights into how obesity impacts deep inside in our bodies. We hope it will both fascinate and educate our audience.”

In addition to Condie, Alexandra Fraser and Stephen Nolan serve as executive producers. Obesity: The Post Mortem is backed by Seven Network Australia and Third Street.