BBC Studios Anthrax Doc to Debut on Netflix


The Anthrax Attacks, produced by the BBC Studios Science Unit, is slated to premiere globally on Netflix on September 8.

Directed by Dan Krauss (Extremis, The Kill Team), the feature-length documentary tells the story of the 2001 anthrax attacks on the United States, which began one week after the September 11 terrorist attacks and saw five people killed and at least 17 become ill.

The film shares stories from investigators, survivors and the families of those who were infected using a combination of interviews and dramatic scenes sourced from thousands of pages of FBI documents. Actor Clark Gregg (Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) stars as Dr. Bruce Ivins in scripted scenes and to-camera monologues drawn from Bruce’s own words.

Andrew Cohen, executive producer for BBC Studios, said, “Delving into the biggest investigation in FBI history is no simple task, but with an incredibly talented team of filmmakers lead by Dan Krauss and Sweta Vohra, we’ve been able to create a powerful and provocative film that blends drama and documentary to reopen our understanding of one of the most shocking terrorist acts in U.S. history.”

Krauss added, “This was a sprawling and massively complex story, one that required an adventurous approach in our filmmaking. The team at BBC Studios was fearless in meeting the challenge head-on, attacking every obstacle with impressive skill and care. I couldn’t have asked for more capable partners on this journey.”