Autentic Unveils Spring 2023 Lineup


Autentic Distribution has revealed its spring slate, which it will be presenting at MIPTV, with over 120 hours of new factual content.

The current affairs catalog includes two titles examining the war in Ukraine. Against All Odds explains why Ukraine was able to withstand the first months of Russia’s invasion, while Weaponized Wheat highlights how the war threatens global food security.

Autentic’s wildlife slate features titles from Terra Mater Studios’ portfolio, including Soul of the Ocean, The View from on High, Alien Contact, The Hummingbird Effect and more.

Two new farming series are part of the factual-entertainment lineup. That Crazy Italian Farm follows the life and work of the Gomieros, a Venetian family of farmers and breeders. A Farm of Our Own accompanies eight couples from Germany who take on the challenge of making their lives better with a piece of land.

Science and technology titles on Autentic’s spring slate are Engineering Extreme—Rehauling a High Speed Train, providing a behind-the-scenes look into the technical challenges of maintaining a TVG, and Hormones Have No Gender, uncovering popular myths about men, women and their hormones.

The Autentic spring catalog also includes The Kingdom of Jordan, which invites viewers to discover a country between tradition and modernity, between wadis, deserts and wonders of the world. Hidden Beauty of Spain showcases Spain’s rugged wilderness and long-forgotten cultural treasures. Women Above the Clouds, meanwhile, takes viewers around the globe to meet some of the most courageous female pilots who conquer their freedom in the world’s most remote regions.

From Autentic’s own production unit, three documentary series enhance the history slate. A Cold War of Spies tells the stories of agents who went behind enemy lines, risking their lives to secure vital information. Deadly Science centers on explorers, inventors and other great thinkers whose drive to push the bounds of the known world resulted in tragedy. The third season of What Went Wrong showcases six engineering disasters that hit the headlines and shocked the world.

Other new history titles include Hitler’s Displaced War Children, in which the last surviving witnesses tell their stories of flight and expulsion at the end of World War II, and Caral—Sacred City in the Andes, which uncovers the first city in the Americas, built 5,000 years ago.

Autentic Distribution’s MIPTV slate also features programs currently in development and production that are available for presale and in search of additional partners. These include The Invention of Surgery, a sequel to Hot Roads—The World’s Most Dangerous Roads III and Mission Saving Paradise—Expedition to the Last Treasures of the Indian Ocean.

“We are thrilled to present our extensive and varied selection of high-quality documentaries and factual series for this year’s MIPTV,” said Mirjam Strasser, head of sales and acquisitions. “There are so many compelling and inspiring stories to discover in our lineup, from fearless female pilots to emotional accounts from the surviving witnesses of the Second World War to new cutting-edge technologies. Our highlight of the year certainly is our cooperation with Terra Mater Studios, which brings hundreds of hours of stunning wildlife films to our portfolio. And as always, we are proud that our catalog also includes so many new documentaries by Autenic’s own production division.”