Trick Candle Productions Acquires Rights to Scatman John Biopic


Tom Malloy’s Trick Candle Productions has picked up the rights to tell the life story of musician John Larkin, known as “Scatman John,” in Scatman.

The film will detail Larkin’s struggles with being a lifelong stutterer, bullying, abuse at home, drug addiction and alcoholism. After falling in love at rehab and conquering his addictions, he became a musical sensation and sold millions of CDs, garnering 14 gold records and 18 platinum records at 53.

The film will feature access to the entire Scatman John music library, as well as private home videos. The singer passed away in 1999 at the age of 57.

The movie is written by Stephen Basilone and Annie Mebane (The Goldbergs, Shrinking). Manfred Zahringer, Scatman John’s manager; Malloy; Steve Valentine; and Lee Newman, Larkin’s stepson, who handles his estate, are producers.

“I’ve wanted to tell John’s compelling and moving story for quite some time now,” said Newman. “I am thrilled to be partnering with Steve Valentine and Trick Candle Productions to bring this film to life—reminding us that no matter how rough life gets, things can change for the better at any time, at any age, for anybody. Scatman’s motto, ‘If the Scatman can do it, so can you,’ lives on forever in the hearts of all of us who struggle to achieve the impossible.”

Valentine added, “Today, more than ever, John’s message resonates and needs to be heard. He was a true legend, tearing down barriers that would have deterred many from attempting to accomplish their dreams. We are excited to work on this project with Lee, and are honored to be bringing Scatman John’s story to the big screen.”