ATF Spotlight: Escapade Media


The ability of dogs to detect cancer is the focus of Walking Points, a new film on offer from Escapade Media.

Walking Points provides a never-before-seen approach to the cure for cancer, which affects [people] all the world over,” says Natalie Lawley, the company’s managing director. “Viewers will learn all about this new detection process, which is already being used across the U.S., and the amazing results by following three personal stories.”

Another highlight is Steve Backshall & the Vertical Mile, a BBC commission that looks on as the titular naturalist summits the north face of the Eiger. “This vertical mile of crumbling rock and ice is the biggest challenge Steve has ever faced,” says Lawley. There is also Animal Clinic, an observational docuseries set in the largest animal charity in Ireland.

“We are looking forward to speaking with channels seeking 4K content and discussing the titles we have available in this format,” Lawley adds.