Andrea Knabel Disappearance Docuseries for discovery+


Finding Andrea, a four-part docuseries about the active missing person case of Andrea Knabel, is set to debut on discovery+ next month.

The series explores how Knabel, a Kentucky mother of two who volunteered for Missing in America (MIA), a group that sought to find missing persons, vanished in August 2019. Never-before-seen footage suggests her investigatory efforts may have put her in danger. The first two episodes of Finding Andrea will begin streaming exclusively on discovery+ on October 15.

Produced by Jupiter Entertainment, Finding Andrea uses active investigative scene work to give viewers a look at a new perspective on Knabel’s disappearance. It features her group of friends in MIA and family members, who have been searching in vain for concrete facts about her case. Along with a new private investigator to Knabel’s case, however, they begin unearthing information that will shift their view of both the disappearance and Knabel.

New episodes will stream Fridays on discovery+.

Jason Sarlanis, president of crime and investigative content at Discovery, said: “When we first heard of Andrea’s story, we were so moved to learn that a woman who had devoted her life to helping find missing people would tragically go missing herself. But as with everything in Andrea’s life, things proved to be far more complex upon further investigation. Over the span of Finding Andrea‘s four parts, we get a firsthand look into the complicated layers behind the life Andrea wanted others to see and realize that maybe the secrets she kept are what hold the answer to her tragic disappearance.”