Six Schizophrenic Brothers Debuts on discovery+


In the U.K. and Ireland, the four-part series Six Schizophrenic Brothers has debuted on discovery+.

The docuseries tells the story of the Galvin family, who were living a picture-perfect life in Colorado Springs until the eldest son began to act strangely. What started as a rivalry between his younger siblings developed into bizarre behaviors and extreme violence, eventually leading to six of the 12 siblings to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The four-parter features unprecedented access and exclusive interviews with the Galvin family and explores the true story that made its way into medical history.

Six Schizophrenic Brothers was produced by Firecracker Films and produced and directed by Lee Phillips. Jes Wilkins served as executive producer for Firecracker Films. The series and story were developed by Kirsty Calvert-Ansari, creative director of development at Firecracker.