Novovision Candid Camera Series Travels to Morocco


PARIS: Morocco’s 2M has snapped up 30 episodes of Novovision’s new candid-camera series, which targets viewers in the Middle East and is the company’s first production in the Arab region.

Locally titled Al Camera al Majnouna (Crazy Camera), the 13-minute show was inspired by Novovision’s Crazy Hidden Camera. The production was filmed in Casablanca and watches as Moroccans take part in hidden camera gags. It is scheduled to air on the network in prime-time during Ramadan, which kicks off on July 9.

Zouheir Zrioui, 2M’s head of broadcasting and director of programming, noted: "I am eager to see the reaction of 2M’s viewers. They have never had candid cameras filmed by a global expert, and should be particularly pleased to see them shot in Morocco by Novovision."

"2M has loyally broadcast new seasons of Pop Corn TV every year for the past six years," added François-Xavier Poirier, the president of Novovision. "We are very honored to produce these 30 hidden-camera shows for the Middle East, especially for Morocco’s No. 2 broadcaster. Filming in Morocco is a great pleasure for us. The people there are so hospitable and friendly that we hope this experience will be the first in a long series of productions. In fact, we are planning to produce a certain number of projects in Morocco for our Arabic-speaking clients, who are seeking quality humorous programming."