Globo Content to Air on ZAP in Angola & Mozambique


SÃO PAULO: Globo has entered into a partnership with African TV provider ZAP that will see Brazilian content aired in Angola and Mozambique.

ZAP will begin carrying Globo titles July 1 on both a standard and HD feed. Additionally, the deal will include the launch of the new channel Globo ON, dedicated to telenovelas, series and comedies, along with the broadcast of the soccer network PFC.

“This is a very big investment, consistent with what Globo and ZAP clients deserve,” said Nuno Aguiar, the CEO of ZAP. “Our operator is looking to the future in search of what customers need. And this partnership was more than desired. The entrance of Globo in ZAP is the most beautiful way to celebrate our fifth anniversary.”

Ricardo Scalamandré, Globo’s head of international business, added: “For this new phase in Angola and Mozambique, Globo found in ZAP an Angolan partner, with Portuguese language, which has the same goal as us: to always offer more and better. This is the largest operation and the largest communication campaign in Globo’s international area this year. We are very happy with the new home.”