DISCOP Johannesburg Ties Up with Sky Rink Studios


DISCOP Johannesburg has entered into a partnership with Sky Rink Studios, aimed at supporting independent producers working in Joburg.

DISCOP Johannesburg is currently hosting more than 300 African producers who could benefit from the resources now available at Sky Rink. Sky Rink Studios offers a one-stop shop with channel hosting and live transmission capabilities. As part of this partnership, DISCOP will promote Sky Rink facilities via tours taking place during DISCOP, where producers will have the opportunity to visit the facilities. Sky Rink also has a space at DISCOP to showcase its various platforms and services.

Frank Mahopi, executive chairman of Sky Rink, said, “As Sky Rink Studios we see this partnership as a great opportunity to showcase our facilities to the right target audience. Our high-tech facilities create a one-stop shop located three blocks away from Downtown Music Studios in the City of Joburg’s Creative Corridor. The Sky Rink Studios and Downtown Music Studios present an immediate and effective solution for producers on the continent and abroad looking for production facilities that will meet their high-tech needs.”

Patrick Zuchowicki of DISCOP added: “DISCOP is committed to supporting the growth of content made in Africa. Producers, however, need facilities that understand and support them. We feel that Sky Rink Studios is just that kind of facility and we are excited to partner with them and share this valuable information with the hundreds of producers from across Africa who will be attending this year’s event. This kind of partnership is exactly where DISCOP aims to be as we continue to find ways to support the industry on the continent.”