Yair Dori Launches Production Outfit in Argentina


BUENOS AIRES: Entrepreneur and producer Yair Dori is launching a new production company that will develop and distribute content for television and film worldwide, as well as promote products and branded merchandise.

Dori stated that the company will promote a new production model for multimedia content focused on worldwide development and distribution of new product for television and film. Content is geared toward kids, teens and adult audiences.

“I’m very pleased with this new project that will allow me to continue contributing to the entertainment and communication industry through high-quality product with international reach,” said Dori. “Our new initiative looks to harness the Spanish-speaking market: we have the resources, capacity, relationships and global knowledge of each market that are needed to develop and position our products from Argentina to the world.”

The new outfit will also produce live sporting events, musicals and shows for the Americas, Europe and Asia. Titles in production are Historias de diván, Señales, Soñadores and Paraíso urbano. The company is also preparing to distribute Club de hombres and Hermanitos del fin del mundo, among others.