SOMOS Films & Divarte Team for Un Cupido Sin Puntería


SOMOS Films, the film production company part of SOMOS Group, and Venezuela’s Divarte Producciones will co-produce the romantic comedy Un Cupido Sin Puntería.

The romantic comedy tells the story of Aquiles, an introverted museologist who got his heart broken by Veronica, the love of his life. Meanwhile, Victor, an old friend who is thrown out the house by his wife, arrives at Aquiles’ house wanting to turn the temporary living arrangement into a permanent situation. Aquiles soon realizes that living with his friend is a nightmare and creates a plan for him to leave—reconcile him with his ex-partner, Alicia. Aquiles discovers that she is a lovely and wonderful woman and finds himself potentially falling for her himself.

Un Cupido Sin Puntería features Luis Gerónimo Abreu, Claudia La Gatta, Adriana Romero and Vicente Peña. The project is shooting in Venezuela following the new protocols established in the world of entertainment by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of SOMOS Films, said: “We are very happy with this new production. This is a very successful genre among the audience and our production experience in Venezuela has been very positive. Un Cupido Sin Puntería has a very professional casting and the production team, led by Jose Antonio Varela, possess a lot of experience. We have ensured a quality and entertaining product, as so lacking in these times.”

José Antonio Varela, director and producer of the film, commented: “Un Cupido Sin Puntería is a romantic comedy that tries to approach a historically very successful genre, from a contemporary perspective, incorporating the complications that arise from the new conceptions of love. I am fortunate to work with a wonderful cast of renowned Venezuelan figures, and I have two extraordinary allies in the Executive Production: Luis Villanueva, who knows and manages the production, exhibition and distribution of content and Thaelman Urgelles, who has supported us with his experience and sapience since the conception of this story.”