New President at Caracol Televisión


BOGOTÁ: Caracol Televisión’s Carlos Pérez Dávila is leaving his position as president, with Gonzalo Córdoba Mallarino, the president of the board at the national newspaper, El espectador, and current member of the company’s board, taking over the role.

Pérez Dávila resigned from this post after leading a restructuring that transformed the company.

During his year and half tenure, Pérez Dávila was in charge of consolidating the different business divisions. He transformed the structure at the news and digital platform segments. He also was behind the project that allowed Grupo Santo Domingo to return to radio.

Alejandro Santo Domingo, shareholder representative, highlighted Pérez Dávila’s achievements at Caracol Televisión, saying that “in only a year and a half, Carlos reached our planned objective of transforming and preparing Caracol for the challenges ahead. Thanks to his tenure, I’m convinced that Caracol is prepared like never before to face the difficult and competitive landscape, and to conserve and strengthen its leadership.”

Santo Domingo added, “Carlos will now assume the position of president of the board at Caracol Televisión and will continue to be an essential part of Grupo Santo Domingo.”

Pérez Dávila said, “Thanks to Gonzalo’s broad expertise in media and under his helm Caracol Televisión will continue to be renowned as a creative medium, independent, balanced and above all, trustworthy. Gonzalo has a team that has shown it is the best in region.”

Córdoba Mallarino commented, “Thanks to Carlos’ and his team’s endeavor, we can consolidate Caracol Televisión’s leadership position and will be able to successfully face the challenges of audiovisual convergence.”