Miss Venezuela Reality Show Set for LatAm Rollout


CARACAS: A reality series that goes behind the scenes of the Miss Venezuela pageant will air on Sony Entertainment Television across Latin America as well as on the Univision network in the U.S. following its premiere on Venevision.

Miss Venezuela, Todo Por La Corona (Miss Venezuela, All For The Crown) premieres tonight in Venezuela on Venevision. Over 15 episodes it chronicles the casting for the top 50 candidates and the selection of the top 24, and will follow the contestants as they vie for the Miss Venezuela crown, due to be presented October 10.

“This is the first time a Venevision-produced content will be able to be seen by audiences in all the countries of the Americas in the same week," said Jonathan Blum, VP and general manager of Venevision. "The premiere of the program will be on Venezuelan television, Venevision, and in Latin American countries via the Sony Entertainment Television’s signal. The U.S. Hispanic market can also enjoy the show, which will enter their homes through the Univision network. Miss Venezuela, Todo Por La Corona will definitely mark a new era in Latin American television."