Lista Social Wit: August 2018


Of all the new programs that debuted across Latin America last month, Talento FOX on Argentina’s Fox Latinoamérica saw the most social media buzz, according to The WIT.

The talent contest in which three Latin-American singers meet talented people who have never dared to appear in front of the public, saw around 23,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter surrounding its debut.

Bake Off Chile, El Gran Pastelero, which debuted on Chilevision, ranks second in the list of social media buzz in LatAm for August. The local adaptation of the format The Great Bake Off saw around 10,000 tweets.

Netflix’s La Casa de Las Flores, a dark Mexican comedy that centers on a seemingly successful and idyllic family-run flower business full of dysfunctional secrets, ranks third, with just shy of 10,000 comments.

Fox Latinoamérica’s El Host, a live series that’s a hybrid of a variety show and a comedy, drummed up some 4,000 tweets. The show takes place in a fictional hotel run by actor Adrian Suar, whose public relations manager is actor and presenter Nicolas Vazquez, and the chef, comic Alfredo Casero.

Mega in Chile debuted Casa de Muñecos to around 4,000 comments. The telenovela portrays the intrigues of the Falco family, whose daughters learn that their mother left their father after more than 50 years of marriage.

There were around 3,000 comments with the debut of Los Cuatro Finalistas: Baile on Latina TV in Peru. The dance-themed spin-off of the local adaptation of the format The Four sees four superstar-quality finalists (in this version, four dancing duets of various styles) chosen in the very first episode.

Canal RCN in Colombia premiered Mi pareja puede, a local adaptation of the game show format My Man Can, also to about 3,000 tweets.

In Mexico, the debut of La venganza de los ex on MTV Latinoamérica stirred up some 2,000 social media comments. The show is a local adaptation of the format Ex on the Beach.

There were also around 2,000 tweets surrounding the debut of Ellos la hicieron on Canal 13 in Chile. The docu-reality series sees journalists Francisco Saavedra and Aldo Schiappacasse tell success stories of Chilean entrepreneurs.

GNT in Brazil launched Quebrando o Tabu, which saw about 1,000 comments across Facebook and Twitter. The documentary series is based on the Quebrando O Tabu Facebook account, which features debates on delicate topics by giving a voice to diverse opinions.

Coming in at number ten in social media buzz for last month is Malditos on Canal 13 (El Trece) in Argentina. The documentary cycle is fronted by popular, and provocative, journalist Jorge Lanata, who introduces the portraits of four particularly controversial and iconic Latin American personalities. Around 400 tweets about the show were sent during the premiere.

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