HITN Rolls Out Healthy-Living Block


NEW YORK: Spanish-language network HITN has launched a new programming strategy based on thematic blocks dedicated to topics such as health, science, technology, natural history and kids’ content.

The network will kick off the new content strategy this week with Vida y Salud TV, a daily block designed to promote good health and well-being among U.S. Hispanic audiences. It will be hosted by Dr. Aliza, creator of the popular website VidaySalud.com. Vida y Salud TV will begin each morning with a yoga and exercise segment led by Patti Quintero and produced for HITN by MyYogaWorks. This will be followed by En Forma, a cardiovascular workout. The block will also showcase curated medical content, including Centro Médico, a docudrama that features re-creations of actual hospital cases.

Other segments will offer healthy lifestyle tips, among them La Buena Vida, in which experts offer advice for leading a fuller, healthier life, and Al Natural, starring renowned Mexican chef Alfredo Oropeza, who shares healthy recipes that are low in fat, sugar and carbs without sacrificing flavor. Canitas al Aire will be dedicated to senior citizens, while there will also be content featuring celebrities and experts covering topics such as parenting, nutrition and more.

“The new programming block is a unique space with the potential to have a positive impact on health in our community,” commented Guillermo Sierra, the head of television and digital services at HITN. “At HITN, we understand that Hispanic audiences need access to information to improve their health and wellbeing. We are proud of this initiative and confident that it will be well received by our viewers.”

Dr. Aliza added: “The U.S. Hispanic population suffers disproportionately from chronic ailments such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. In all too many cases, these problems lead to early death and take a terrible toll on families and society. The most effective way to combat them is through prevention, by modifying certain lifestyle habits. Access to practical and timely information is a vital part of this effort.”