FlixLatino Live & Flix Kids Launch


FlixLatino, SOMOS Next’s SVOD service that is available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, has unveiled its new linear channels FlixLatino Live and Flix Kids.

FlixLatino Live and Flix Kids can be accessed by FlixLatino members as part of their subscription. Platform subscribers will get direct online access to linear programming, with a selection of movies, series and documentaries on FlixLatino Live and children’s and educational series on Flix Kids. These additions, both in Spanish, are available for an additional $2 to the service’s basic fee of $2.99 per month.

While FlixLatino Live targets adult subscribers, Flix Kids is available in a parent-controlled section, which keeps children in a unique and safe space.

Luis Guillermo Villanueva, COO of SOMOS Next, said: “With the FlixLatino Live linear channel for adults and Flix Kids for the younger ones, we expanded FlixLatino’s audience to an attractive application dedicated to the whole family for a very impressive offer of $2.99 a month, plus a small addition to this basic amount. FlixLatino offers not only movies, series, documentaries, events and animation on demand, but also the enjoyment of two linear signals that allows customers to explore and comfortably enjoy its catalog. In terms of options, we have the content and formats that the market requests, all in a single subscription. We are positive that this plan will grow even more the service, and we are at the most appropriate time for its launch.”