Endemol Notches Up ¡Q’viva! Deals


LONDON: Ahead of its Univision debut this weekend, Simon Fuller’s ¡Q’viva! The Chosen, the talent competition featuring Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King, has been licensed by Endemol to 17 Latin American networks.

Produced by Fuller’s XIX Entertainment with Endemol Argentina as production partner, the show, premiering on Univision this Saturday, will roll out to 21 Latin American markets following the deals closed by Endemol. The series seeks out today’s greatest talent in Latin music, artistry and dance.

Fuller, CEO of XIX Entertainment, noted, “The Latin American viewing audience is an underestimated powerhouse and Q’Viva is our recognition and celebration of this plain fact. To showcase this amazing project to its full potential we’re delighted to work with Endemol to put together an unprecedented broadcast opportunity to ensure that the show is seen in every country of the Americas.”

Endemol’s Philippe Maigret added, “We are thrilled with the success of our partnership with Simon Fuller and XIX for this extraordinarily exciting and ambitious project. Logistically there has never been a production to take on the challenge of discovering and filming artists in so many countries and the scale of the show’s international broadcast is set to be equally unprecedented.”