Disney LatAm Aligns with Mediapro & Others for Miracle Hunters


Disney Media Distribution Latin America (DMDLA), Mediapro, BFT Media and Somos Productions have teamed up for the new series Miracle Hunters.

Miracle Hunters combines fiction and reality, as characters investigate inexplicable cases from real life in every episode. The 13×1-hour series will be produced in Mexico.

The plot centers on a skeptical journalist who works for a news site and needs an article that may save his career, a young and brilliant heiress of a successful yet controversial media empire, and an enigmatic psychic who debates herself between faith and need—all of whom cross paths in a mission that will compel them to question their doubts and certainties about faith: tracking real cases of miraculous events.

“Who does not welcome extraordinary miracles? A fascinating, rewarding and motivating topic to all human beings. We are proud of being able to produce this original, positive and inspiring work with Mediapro, Somos Productions and BTF Media,” said Fernando Barbosa, senior VP and general manager at Disney Media Distribution and production for Latin America and U.S. Hispanic market at  The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

Miracle Hunters will surprise many for its captivating and original cocktail of fiction characters mingling with real-life events,” added Leonardo Aranguibel, production director at Disney Media Distribution Latin America. “An original proposal that might well open the doors to a new genre for our TV.”

Laura Fernández Espeso, head of international content at Mediapro, commented: “This agreement will allow us to share talent and experience with an extraordinary partner, to create a series that we are sure will like all over the world. Miracle Hunters is a big step in Mediapro’s international content strategy, reinforcing our goal of creating quality fiction globally. Disney is the perfect partner for the development of our project, and it is a great pleasure to make it happen with them.”

Daniel Burman, head of content at Mediapro US, said: “To me, this project implies a double challenge and a double reason to be proud of. On the one hand, being able to collaborate with Disney Media Distribution Latin America, a division with such an impressive track record in the industry, is a unique learning opportunity; and on the other hand, taking part in this new stage, Disney is embarking on is a challenge that I very enthusiastically face. Miracle Hunters will be an extraordinary series, where all spectators will find themselves regardless of their beliefs.”

“We contribute to the performance of a great project that promotes human values along with three major partners,” added Francisco Cordero, CEO of BTF Media.

Luis Villanueva, president and CEO at SOMOS Productions, stated: “Miracle Hunters feeds that search for the extraordinary that everybody pursues, what is between the real world and the life beyond. This is a fascinating topic which builds a solid foundation for a series such as Miracle Hunters. This, along with the production quality guaranteed by DMDLA, Mediapro, BTF Media and Somos Productions complete the necessary ingredients for a ‘guaranteed success’ product. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with partners such as DMDLA, Mediapro, Somos Productions and BTF Media.”