DISCOP Johannesburg Spotlight: Televisa Internacional


JOHANNESBURG: At DISCOP Johannesburg, Televisa Internacional is presenting the drama Secrets at the Hotel, about Julio, who seeks to discover what happened to his sister after she abruptly stops corresponding with him while working at a hotel.

Televisa Internacional is also showcasing the entertainment format Domus, in which 16 men and women compete to see who is the most extreme survivor worthy of inhabiting Mars. The company’s slate also features the series The Rose of Guadalupe, as well as the formats Generation Gap, Pacific and Deep Undercover.

“These programs have excellent production quality, have been extremely well received internationally and have stories that appeal particularly well to African audiences,” says Mario Castro, Televisa Internacional’s director of sales for Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

He adds: “DISCOP allows us to meet with all of our current and potential clients in free, pay and new-media platforms.”